Emulator:Finalburn 0.09Desktop MameMega MAMECE3 9.5Cult 0.4aCult 0.5WIP
Based on which desktop MAME version?n/a. (Mar 22 2000)
Compatibility issues?Only CPS and NeoGeo titles, NOT old arcades-Max. ~1M ROM'sDoesn't run any games on the Pocket Loox 720 with FPS display enabled - disable it!-
Control: Screen tap areas?+n/a-+, three areas; freely assignable to any buttons+, three areas; freely assignable to any buttons
Autofire?Only with CPS titles, not with NeoGeo+-++
Save / load state?Only with CPS titles, not with NeoGeo+---
Sound?Excellent; doesn't slow down muchExcellentBad, scratchy sound (definitely worse that that of Cult, even when the later isn't the best either); also see for example THIS, THIS and THIS Causes a considerable (about two-fold) speed hit; not recommended in most casesCauses a considerable (about two-fold) speed hit; not recommended in most cases
Compatibility: 1941 - Counter Attack (World) (CPS1)+ (better than in MAMECE3 or the two Cults, mostly because of the excellent sound and the excellent frame rate even with enabled sound)++ (awful sound)+ (not very good sound – Finalburn’s is MUCH better)+
1943: 1987, pretty simple (but still better than home versions)-+-Keeps restarting after inserting the coin(s) and starting the game; also reported HERE; only works w/o alternative build without DrZ80+
1944 - The Loop Master (US 000620) – unbelievably nice! (CPS2)+ (OK; bad sound with the romnation.net version; emuparadise.org’s version works great, sound-wise)+---
19XX - The War Against Destiny (US 951207) (CPS2)+ (EXCELLENT)+---
B.C. Kid - Bonk's Adventure - Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin-+---
Block Block (World 911106 Joystick)-+-(lists but presents black screen upon starting)+
Dynablaster - Bomber Man-+---
Final Lap 2-Doesn’t start---
King of Fighters 2000-+---
Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970827)-Missing files---
Marvel Vs. Capcom Clash of Super Heroes (US 980123)-Missing files---
Progear (US 010117) (CPS2)- (bitmap error; doesn’t even start inside the game)+---
R-Type (Japan)-Missing files---
R-Type II-+--+ (2-3 fps with x51v with sound; MUCH better without sound)
R-Type Leo (World rev. C)-+--Marked with a red cross; app exits
Rad Mobile (World)-+; albeit, complains about video emu not 100 percent---
Road Riot 4WD-Not fully emulated protection---
Samurai Shodown III - Samurai Spirits - Zankurou Musouken-+---
Scramble-++ (with (bad) sound)+ (much better sound)+ (no sound at all)
Scramble Spirits-+ (albeit, at start, complains about one or more ROMs / CHDs to be incorrect)---
Steel Talons (rev 2)-Doesn’t start---
Street Hoop - Street Slam - Dunk Dream-+---
Vasara 2 (set 1)-+---
Vendetta (World 4 Players ver. T)-+--Lists as compatible; app exits immediately
X-Men - Children of the Atom (Euro 950105) (CPS2)+ (excellent!)+---
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Euro 960910)-Missing files---
Zaxxon (set 1) (no sound at all)-++ ++