Windows MobileDefault BTUSBWHSWMWifiRouterICS Control
Power consumption during idling (the more, the worse)Trinity: 30mA; Universal: ~80 mAn/tUniversal: 400 mATrinity: 610 mA for a while; then, it decreases to 220 mA – but has some peaks after that too; Universal: 400mA~400 mA
Power consumption during cont. transferTrinity: 475 mA (HSDPA); Universal: 560 mA (UMTS only)n/tUniversal: 780 mA (CPU usage slightly higher, ~20% at 520 MHz, than with WMWifiRouter; this may be the reason for the higher figure)Trinity: 750 mA (HSDPA); Universal: 700 mA (UMTS only)Universal: ~730 mA
Nr. of clients at the same time (the more, the better)115; while it advertises itself as an internet sharing device over the USB cable while active, USB sharing doesn’t work. As with the Symbian version, future versions may increase the limit or remove it entirely.ManyMany
Max speed (the more, the better)Trinity: 44; HTC Universal: 34 kbyte/sn/tSame as with WMWifiRouterTrinity: >58 kbyte/s (must have encountered network congestion; haven’t had the chance to retest); Universal: 46 kbyte/sUniversal: 46 kbyte/s
Allows for simultaneous use of handset?Depends on OS version: only with Internet Sharing, not with DUNDepends on OS version: only with Internet Sharing, not with old, cabled dial-in+++
Supported ProtocolsallallallallAll
Compatible with Windows Mobile (WM) clients?+ with DUN; with PAN restricted to Widcomm clientsn/a+++
Compatible with desktop Windows clients?+++++
Compatible with Symbian clients?See with WM clients: Symbian doesn’t support BT PAN; therefore, you’ll need to stick with DUNn/a++n/t (my N95 couldn’t find its ad-hoc network)
Means of safety & protectionBT authenticationCabling – impossible to be hackedWEPWEPAll available encryption forms? (as it relies on the built-in Wi-Fi configuration dialogs)
Auto DMZ & full port forwarding to all clients (tested with IRC DCC chat initiation and (YouTube with CorePlayer) RTSP on clients)WM5 AKU3+ IS: + (the sharing phone has no full access then); pre-AKU3 DUN: +WM5 AKU3+: client: +, sharing phone: -; pre-AKU3: +. Also see with BT (DUN being the same as the standard USB Net access with pre-WM5 AKU3)-: not even the client devices have full accessSame as with WM5 AKU3+ IS: + - the sharing phone has no full access, while all its clients do; this doesn’t depend on the in-app DMZ setting. n/t