Manager / device:Jbed 20070622.2.1IBM J9 6.1.1TurboTweaked, separately installedTAO Intent, QVGA HTC WizardTAO, VGA HTC UniversalVox EsmertecJBlendFullScreen, VGA HTC Universal Pocket PC phoneJblendFullScreen, QVGA Smartphone HTC Vox / s710
3D compatibility: Galaxy on Fire demo Nokia version: the execution doesn’t get past the initial animationThe non-SE versions don’t get past the animation; the SE version freezes IBM J9 (the local menu can no longer be accessed)Same as with WizardTested all the three versions; the S-E version didn’t even start (just a white screen). With the two other, can’t get past the Sound: No / Yes question as there’s no way to transfer the focus. ?The no-S-E versions start, but an exception is thrown right away with a Kill Midlet? request. Of course, the execution doesn’t get past the initial animation. The S-E version displays NoClassDefFoundError upon starting attempts?The S-E version doesn’t even start (returns to the list); the other two don’t get past the initial “Loading” animation
Some other 3D games for the k750: 3D Rally Evolution v1.00.jardoesn’t go further loading the game (flashing “Loading”). No key probs (Wizard)?No cursor /softkey support at all (tested: x51v); therefore, the language selection screen can’t be passedCan be deployed but, then, exits, after displaying the first two splash screens (no cursor / highlight movement upon language selection)Exits at onceStarts, but, after navigating thru the menus (no problems with the keys), an exception is thrown(using only the upper left corner of the screen with displaying the top/bottom bars); starts but, after starting the game, doesn’t go further loading the game (flashing “Loading”)Symptomps as on the Univ; really full screen
3D Real Kamasutra.jarDoesn’t even start (NoClassDefFound)?Nothing happens, just a white screen?exitsDoesn’t even start (NoClassDefFoundError)Upon starting, nothing happens: returns at once to the list of installed appsSee Univ
CAPCOM.Dino.Crisis.3D.240x320.v1.0.0.S40v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA.jarDoesn’t even start (NoClassDefFound)??The same problem as with 3D Rally Evolution v1.00.jar – no cursor movementexitsDoesn’t even start (NoClassDefFound)Upon starting, nothing happens: returns at once to the list of installed appsSee Univ
Football Jr. 240x320 J2me 3D.jar????exitsExits after navigating thru the menus, after answering to “Warm up” – no Exception is displayedWhile menus work (and exiting to them via Left softkey), the game itself can’t be playedSee Univ
Some other 2D games and Bonk device & resolution-specific versions: Mark Ecko Getting Up-k750.jarWorks just GREAT, with high speed, seamless sound (Wizard)Because of the non-working softkeys (not in any way), unable to start game????Using the entire screen area (VGA); there are some splash screen / menu displacements because of thisMuch faster than on the VGA Universal because of the much smaller play area; there are no menu / logo graphics problems
Bonks_Return_176x208_S60v3.jar???White screen, nothing happensexitsDoesn’t start: it throws an exception during a lifecycle callUpon starting, nothing happens: returns at once to the list of installed apps?
BonksReturn_240x320_k800.jarNo softkeys (not even with tapping); game itself doesn’t run at all (upon entering it).?????Runs – but with the same graphics problems as with the s60v3 versionWorks great – seems to be even faster than with the s60v3 version
Bonks_Return_S60v3_N95.jar??????-: freezes on the initial splash screen-: Exits at once, after displaying the initial splash screen
Bonks_Return_352x416.jar??????Runs, but resolution is indeed hard-coded – pretty much uselessBecause of the hard-coded resolution (bigger than QVGA), unplayable (only the upper left corner is shown) and uselessly slow
Bonks_Return_320x240_S60v3.jarNo softkeys (not even with tapping); game itself doesn’t run at all (upon entering it). This is the same in both Portrait and LandscapeThe softkeys don’t work. Otherwise, pretty fast and has no problems on the VGA x51v, as opposed to JBlendFullScreen.?Exits right after starting the real game (displaying “19 minutes left”); while cursor keys are registered, WM5 hotkeys aren’tNothing happensWorks OK, albeit a bit slow AND the softkeys don’t work, meaning no pause / menu capabilities etc. Also, the upper taskbar isn’t hidden.While it’s working, dialog boxes, sprites etc. are using the full screen estate, making the in-game graphics completely messed up and the hotkey labels aren’t shown eitherWorks great in full screen mode, a bit faster than with Esmertec AND softkeys also work
Other non-3D test midlets: AlienAggression.jar+ (VERY fast on Wizard!)??- (no keys – must use on-screen keys (2: left, 5: Enter etc.). Otherwise, the same speed as with Jbed.?+ (slighly slower than JBed and the same BAD sound as with JBlend)?+ (slighly slower than JBed and, of course, BAD sound)
BanjoKazooie.jar (Russian language RPG)+????+ (bad sound; as it doesn’t force full screen mode, the softkeys are also visible – in this, it’s much better than JBlend)?+ (bad sound; by forcing the full screen mode, it hides the softkeys, which isn’t the best idea)
cavein.jar?????+ (softkeys shown)?+; softkeys hidden (bad)
chess.jar (multiplayer, connects!)+????+ (Networking seems to be OK)?+; softkeys not hidden (good); doesn’t ask about connecting to the Net
DoomRPG1.jar (and its Russian translation, doom_rpg_rus.jar)- (after the initial splash screens & “approaching” animation, displays an IndexOutOfBoundsException; then, the subsquent Loading… screen won’t be passed)??Can’t even install (“Install failed”)?+; very!!! bad and distorted sound compared to Jbed. However, the game works.?+; very!!! bad and distorted sound compared to Jbed. However, the game works.
Yeti_Sports_Episode_5.jar+ (runs VERY well, very smooth animation)??- (can’t get past the initial splash screen, not even with SIP keys)???+ (The initial “Enter nick” dialog is pretty much messed up, as opposed to Jbed). Same smoothness as with Jbed; here, the softkey bars aren’’t hidden, as opposed to BanjoKazooie