Headphones model:Plantronics Pulsar 590Jabra HaloAltec Lansing BackBeat 903/906Gear4 BluPhonesMotorola HT820 (model D)
A2DP iPhone 3GS 4.1 everything works except resuming – it fully refuses working. That is, you need to resume playback on the phone everytime you pause it from the headphones. On Voice Control-enabled platforms (iPhone 3GS / 4), the command „Play” works if you don't want to take out your phone. OKOKOKOK
iPhone 3GS 4.2b1Same OKOKOKOK
iPhone 3G 3.1.3the same except you can't use Voice Control for resumingOKOKOKOK
iPod Touch 2G 8GB 4.1See 3GS; no way to restart at all (no Voice Control)OKOKOKOK
iPad 3.2.2 See 3G; no way to restart at all (no Voice Control)Almost entirely useless: nothing works (volume setting (!), pause, nothing) – only streaming at a pretty low volume / sameOK OKOK
iPad 4.2b1See 3GS; no way to restart at all (no Voice Control)See 3.2.2Useless: audio stops after about 2-3 seconds OKOK
Phone: Call initiate: 3GS 4.1 + (upper button double-press)- (!)n/t - (not even after reboot) -
3GS 4.2b1+ (same) + (double press)+ (left center button double-press)- (same) -
3G 3.1.3+ (same)+ (double press)+ (same as 4.2)- (same)+ (left button longish-press)
Call answer: iPhone 3GS 4.1+ (upper button single-press)- (no way of answering calls or even routing sound)n/t + (short main button press)+ (left button short press)
iPhone 3GS 4.2b1+ (same)+ (single button press)+ (left center button single-press)++ (left button)
iPhone 3G 3.1.3 + (same)+ (single button press)+ (same as 4.2)++ (left button)
Voice control: 3GS 4.1+ (upper button long-press)-n/t Partial (only after restarting the headphones, not while streaming via A2DP) + (left large button)
3GS 4.2b1+ (same)-+ (left center button long-press)Partial (same)+ (left large button)