TypeLanguage-specific; no training/customizationNon-language-specific; training necessary
Static memory occupation3.6M/27k CPL + 41k HTML help in \Windows; 61k files in \Program Files\Windows Media Player\Voice Command Skin1M + recorded commands in WAV, in the Commands subdirectory/25k DLL + 11k HTML help in \Windows
Dynamic memory occupation~3M before first pressing the hotkey; ~4.2M (with very few contacts and no media files) any time after; increased with increasing contact/mediafile number!~1.7M both with and without Magic Word; independent of the number of recorded commands
Autostart?\Windows\StartUp, always re-registers itself there (bad!)You can instruct it to autostart, but it's not obligatory
Speed difference between memory card- and RAM-based speed; measured with the same command set at 104 MHzVery fast from cards too it loads itself in the memory entirely during the first runFrom card: 15s; from RAM: 8-14s, depending on the starting loading time
CPU usage in recognition mode70-90% after pressing hotkey; 0% otherwise20-30% in Magic Word mode; 0% otherwise
Able to accessStatus (date)/Calendar (also with announce calendar reminders)/Contacts/ Media (also with announce media selections)/Start Menu (also with include items in Programs folder)Some system applets/functionality (Backlight/Close Active Task/Display Off/Memory Settings/Power Settings/Rotate Screen (WM2003SE+),/Today; all programs; macros
Able to call contacts/start any Start Menu items without any sound recording + -